How to fight back trolls, haters and cyberbullying? This book is about the aggression suffered by one of the authors, Beatriz Breves, on a social network, the Facebook. The author tells us not only all the suffering she went through, but she also describes the way trolls and haters act on the internet. Beatriz uses updated research on what has been happening to adolescents. Having their personalities not formed yet and without solid emotional basis, some adolescents can even go to the point of committing suicide when they are victims of cyberbullying. Virginia Sampaio, the other author of the book, is also a psychologist and psychoanalyst. She was invited by Beatriz to help her tell the story and analyze the facts in a more objective way. But the authors do more than that. They call people’s attention for “the need to change” and have devised a list of things to do to “fight back trolls, haters and cyberbullying”. Ronaldo Ramos Lemos, the lawyer who wrote the foreword, calls the attention for the kinds of crimes which have spread on the social networks. For those people who have been attacked and for the ones who want to fight back this kind of aggression, the book Human Evil- How to Burst Someone’s Life into pieces on Facebook is an important step for the change.